Backgammon Supplies

For anyone interested in a new backgammon board, the ‘Merchandise’ sub-section of the U.K. Backgammon Federation (UKBGF) website is probably the most suitable starting point.

This gives links to several renowned board makers, including Geoffrey Parker whose boards are used in many major tournaments worldwide.

Geoffrey Parker also sells accessories like dice, scorecards and a timer.

For a bigger range of supplies, often at cheaper prices, Chris Ternel’s U.K. based Backgammon and Board Games Shop is a good online source.

For those wishing to see a limited range of boards and accessories in a fairly local shop, there is

Chess & Bridge at 44 Baker Street, London W1U 7RT


Recommended Backgammon Books
Title Year Author Comments
The Backgammon Book (Hardback Edition) 1970 Oswald Jacoby & John Crawford For the history
Backgammon* 1976 Paul Magriel Still the bible of the game
Vision Laughs at Counting with Advice to the Dicelorn 1978 Danny Kleinman All of Kleinman’s book are worth reading
The Doubling Cube Volume 1 1982 Jeff Ward Out of Print
Advanced Backgammon – Volume 1 1991 Bill Robertie
Advanced Backgammon – Volume 2 1991 Bill Robertie
How to Play Tournament Backgammon 1993 Kit Woolsey
New Ideas in Backgammon 1996 Kit Woolsey & Hal Heinrich
Modern Backgammon 2001 Bill Robertie
Classic Backgammon Revisited* 2001 Jeremy Bagai
The Backgammon Encyclopaedia – Volume 1 2002 Kit Woolsey Out of Print
What Colour is the Wind? 2002 Chris Bray
Backgammon Boot Camp* 2004 Walter Trice
Backgammon Praxis – Volumes 1 & 2 2005 Marty Storer
Second Wind 2007 Chris Bray
Backgammon to Win* 2007 Chris Bray
Backgammon Problems 2008 Mike Corbett
Wind Assisted 2010 Chris Bray
What’s Your Game Plan? 2011 Mary Hickey & Marty Storer
Backgammon Funfair 2012 Raymond Kershaw For fun rather than for pure learning
The Wind of Change 2013 Chris Bray
In The Game Until The End Volume II 2014 Bob Wachtel
Conquering Backgammon* 2015 Ed Rosenblum
Backgammon – From Basics to Badass* 2015 Marc Brockman Olsen
Backgammon in the Wind 2016 Chris Bray
The Backgammon Encyclopaedia – Volume 2 2017 Kit Woolsey

* Top 6 as recommended by Chris Bray, Captain of the Roehampton Club

Chris Bray’s own books can be sourced via his own website:

Ray Kershaw can provide copies of his own book, signed (of course!)

Many of the other books can be sourced from Flintbg:

If in doubt or needing to discuss any books in more detail, please speak to Ray.