Club Membership Renewals 2019

Please click on the links below to download details of 2019 – 2020 Membership Fees and a Direct Debit Form.


All entrance fees and subscriptions are inclusive of VAT where applicable.
• Entrance Fee is payable the first year only. New members who join during the year will pay the full entrance fee and a pro-rated subscription fee.
• Squash and Hockey membership runs from 1st August 2018 – 31 July 2019.
• Married Couples: Married couple both of whom are playing members (full, tennis, squash, cricket or hockey), are entitled to receive a 15% discount on that part of entrance fee and subscriptions which are common to both partners (e.g. husband is a full member, wife is a squash member –both receive a discount on squash membership). The discount does not apply if payment is not received by the due date.
• Students: All members in full time education are entitled to join as junior members upon production of suitable evidence (NUS Card or equivalent).
• Categories: All ages are as at 1st May 2018 (1st August for Squash and Hockey)
Adult Age 30+
Intermediate Age 21 – 29
Junior Age 16 – 20 or in full time education
Child Age 8 – 15
Country Country members must not live or work within a 25 mile radius of the Club.
Overseas Members who have previously been either Full or Tennis Members, and who currently live outside of the country for a minimum of 10 months per year.
Programme Players taking part in the junior tennis and squash group coaching programmes who are not already members of the club, must join as temporary programme members on a termly basis (costs determined from time to time).
• Applicants for tennis membership (except child members) are required to be of a minimum competent standard.
• Child members must have a parent or guardian as a member.
• An administration fee of £25.00 is payable on Non-Direct Debit renewed subscriptions.
• A late payment fee of £50.00 is payable on renewed subscriptions not received before 1st May 2018, except squash subscriptions where a fee is payable if the renewed subscription is not received before 1st August 2018.
• Weekday members (category discontinued – existing members only) may only play from Monday – Friday up to 5.45pm.
• As a member of CLTC, one is automatically a member of HCC and vice versa.
• All tennis members are eligible to be registered as British Tennis Members with the Lawn Tennis Association. All squash subscriptions include mandatory individual England Squash Affiliation fees.

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