The Gymnasium Induction

All new members of the CLTC fitness suite will receive an induction carried out by the Club’s Fitness Instructor, Paul Te Reo. It is not something to be scared of!

Paul will show you around the facilities, asking you to use the equipment under his supervision to ensure you are aware of how best to safely get the most out of your workouts. This is important even for members who have extensive experience of gyms at other facilities as no two running machines, for example, are the same. Paul will also work with you to complete a Fitness Test and to produce a personalised fitness programme tailored for your specific needs.

The induction will last approximately half an hour and is ideally undertaken on a one to one basis, although small groups are possible if you would prefer to attend with a friend. Please ensure that you are wearing suitable clothing and training shoes and if you would like to shower afterwards please either bring a towel with you or remember to hire one from the bar beforehand.

Once this initial induction has been completed, you may access the facilities to train as and when you wish, although it should be noted that the gym is not always staffed. However, Paul can be contacted for advice or should you wish to book personal training, and other Club Staff are always available during opening hours.