The Cumberland Lawn Tennis Club (also referred to as “Cumberland” and “CLTC”  and for Hockey activities “West Hampstead Hockey Club”) is an unincorporated association, having premises and sports facilities at 25 Alvanley Gardens London NW6 1JD . Its constitution is set out in its Rules and Regulations and it is governed by a Committee elected annually by its members.

Hampstead Cricket Club Limited (also referred to as “Hampstead CC” and “HCC”) is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in England and Wales under registration number 209335). It has a long lease of premises and sports facilities at Lymington Road London NW6 1HZ that permits it to use such premises and facilities outside of the school hours of South Hampstead High School (“permitted times”).

Members of Hampstead Cricket Club Limited become members of CLTC and therefore can use all of the CLTC facilities applicable to their category of membership of CLTC. Members of CLTC are (or on application can normally become) members of HCC. HCC allows members of CLTC and their guests, during permitted times, to use its premises and equivalent sports facilities as his/her category of membership of CLTC or guest privileges entitles him/her to use at CLTC.

Accordingly, although CLTC and HCC remain separate and distinct entities, they operate their facilities day-to-day on a unified basis.

Therefore, references on this website to The Cumberland Lawn Tennis Club, “Cumberland”, “CLTC”  and “West Hampstead Hockey Club” may, depending on the context, also refer to HCC and references to Hampstead Cricket Club Limited, “Hampstead CC” and “HCC” may, depending on the context, also refer to CLTC.

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